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Pinnacle Peak - Dinner Menu

All of our dinner entrees are flame broiled over real mesquite charcoal and include tossed green salad with your choice of dressing (Ranch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, or Italian), our own secret recipe of traditional cowboy beans, and thick cut bread with cream butter.

"Take Out" is available on all of delicious menu items.  
Please ask our management team for details.  

 Trail Boss 28 oz - Porterhouse  $27.99
 Cowboy 20 oz - T-bone  $21.99
Kansas City   16 oz - Bone-in New York $18.99
 Cowgirl 15 oz - T-bone  $18.49
  Other Great Beef Specialties   
 Filet 8 oz - Filet includes choice of Baked Potato or Corn  $23.99
 "Center Cut" Top Sirloin
Prime Rib (Served Fri thru Sun)
 .............. (Based on availability)
10 oz - Center Cut
14 oz U.S.D.A. Aged Choice Corn-Fed Prime Rib
10 oz U.S.D.A. Aged Choice Corn-Fed Prime Rib
**NEW**Cattleman's Ribeye
12 oz. boneless-our most flavorful cut
**Larger Cut** Cattleman's Ribeye 16 oz. boneless-our most flavorful cut
Pinnacle Peak Pork Chop  (2) - 8 oz Center Cut Chops  inc. baked potato or corn
 **NEW** Flat Iron Steak 10 oz. tender and juicy

Mesquite Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Salmon
Chicken Caesar Salad 
10 Large Shrimp with rice pilaf, mixed vegetables
9 oz Filet served with rice pilaf, mixed vegetables

 6 oz- Chicken Breast over traditional caesar salad

Full Rack-O-Ribs  Pork Ribs covered in BBQ Sauce  $20.99
Half Rack-O-Ribs  Half Rack of Pork Ribs   $14.99
Half BBQ Chicken  Smothered in BBQ Sauce  $11.49
Wrangler   1/2 Pound Ground Sirloin Sandwich   $8.49 
Enjoy a combination of any two of the following entre'es
 Steak & Chicken "Center Cut" top Sirloin & Half BBQ Chicken  $20.99
Ribs & Chicken  Half Rack-O-Ribs and Half BBQ Chicken  $20.99
Ribs & Steak Half Rack-O-Ribs & "Center Cut" Top Sirloin $22.99

  Lil' Maverick Menu-Under 12 Only   
   All Lil' Mavericks Menu items include:  Salad, beans, breadf, kid's soda & ice cream  
 Peak Burger  1/4 lb. Ground Sirloin Sandwich $5.25
Prairie Dog   All Beef Hot Dog $5.25
Lil' Mavericks Rack-O-Ribs  1/3 Rack-O-Ribs  $6.99

 On The Side   Desserts   
Baked Potato   $3.25 Deep Dish Apple Cobbler   $4.99
Corn on the Cob   $3.25  Mudd Pie  $5.25
 Mixed Vegetables  $2.99  Brownie Sundae  $4.99
 Rice Pilaf  $1.99  Fudge Sundae  $4.99
 Sauteed Mushrooms  $2.99  Strawberry Shortcake  $3.99
 Sauteed Onions  $1.99  Ice Cream  $2.49
 House Salad  $2.99 Make any Dessert 'A la Mode
 Apple Sauce  $1.99    
 Salsa Verde  $1.99    


Private lunch meeting facilities also available on site.

Ask about our "Buckboard Catering Service"
Bring the Peak right to your next party!

Sales Tax will be added for all food and drink served.
An 18% gratuity will be added to your check for all parties of 8 or more.
 Shared entree fee $2.50

** Prices Subject to Change Without Notice **
We Proudly Accept  Visa \ MC\ Discover\ Amex


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